Leading Lifestyle Solutions Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as ( LLSPL )

Hereby warrants all Brands products sold by Prodigi Showroom or any
Authorized Dealers of LLSPL in India in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

1 Warranty period

One year from the date of sale by Prodigi Showroom or by an Authorized Prodigi Dealer in India.

The warranty period will come into force as from the purchase date stated on the invoice. Please retain your Original Invoice as you will need to present it at the time of service under this warranty

2. Scope of Warranty

From the date of original purchase and for the warranty period, LLSPL agrees to repair at its sole expense, all Brands products, which are defective in material and / or workmanship.

3 Exclusions

This warranty does not apply with respect to the following:

  • Defects  or  damage arising  from  accidents  ,  misuse,  normal  wear  and  tear,  improper - maintenance,  voltage  fluctuations, overloading,  amplifier clipping,  stroke   of  lightning , extreme  humid  conditions  and  other force majeure  events
  • Defects  arising  from incorrect  installation  or  improper   operation or  maintenance  by  the  consumer
  • Defects  or  damage  caused  to  the  speaker  cabinets  (  Cosmetic  damage  )
  • Defects  or  damage  caused  during shipment  or  handling.
  • Defects arising  from  modification /  repair /  attempt  of  repair  by  anyone  other  than  OSSIPL  or    LLSPL  authorized  service  station  in  a manner  that has  affected  their  performance,  stability  or  reliability.
  • Defects  arising  from  the  use  of  non-original  spare  parts
  • Defects  on  products  that  have  had  their  factory –applied  serial  numbers  altered or  removed
  • Defects  or  damage  caused  by  abuse, misuse,  negligence  or  failure  to  observe  the  instructions  in  the  user manual  furnished  along with   the  product.
  • Defects  /  damage  , which  was  caused  by  external  connections  with  other  equipments.
  • Defects /  damage  , which  was  caused  to  the  speaker  cabinet / woofer  cone /  subwoofer  /   Horn /  tweeter   of  speaker  brands  sold  under  LLSPL  by  insect / rat /  dog  /  pet  bite
  • Defects /  damage  , which was  caused  to  the  subwoofer  /  subwoofer internal  components  due to  mishandling /  improper  voltage conditions  /  voltage  fluctuations  etc…
  • Transportation  costs  for  servicing  are  not  covered  by  warranty
  • Other  defects   due  to  conditions  or  circumstances  beyond the  supplier’s  control
  • The  Home  cinema speakers Brands and  AV  receivers sold  under  LLSPL  is  intended  for  consumers  use  and  is  not  designed  for  continuous  or  commercial use.  In  the  event  that  this  product  is  used  commercially or  continuously,  the  warranty  period is  limited to  6  months only.

4 Obtaining warranty service

To obtain warranty service, take or ship your products of LLSPL to a service station authorized by LLSPL, together with a note describing your complaint and your copy of the detailed purchase invoice.

Any product purchased under LLSPL must be shipped in its entirely in its original carton. Damage due to improper packing may result in damage for which LLSPL will not be responsible.

Transportation cost is not covered under warranty

LEADING LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED ( LLSPL ) does not offer any warranty for INTERNATIONAL PURCHASES ( Products purchased outside India ) or through Online purchase in India / Overseas or THROUGH ANY UNAUTHORIZED SOURCE

LLSPL is liable only to repair the defective parts or products and are not responsible for indirect losses or damages arising from the use of the product.

6 Limitations

LLSPL makes this warranty subject to the following limitations.

LLSPL reserves the right to make changes, additions or improvements in its range of products without assuming any obligation to incorporate such changes, additions or improvements on its range of products previously manufactured / sold.

LLSPL shall not be liable to the customer or any third party for any loss of production, time or profits or nay special or consequential damages whatsoever resulting from use of LLSPL product(s) or any failure in the performance of other equipment to which the product(s) is / are connected; or the functioning to the entire systems or parts of any systems of which the products may be a part, including the effect, that other parts of such system may have upon the Leading Lifestyle Solutions product(s).

The WARRANTY is expressly made in lieu of the warranties of merchantability and fitness for use and other warranties expressed or implied.

Conditions of warranty

  • Leading Lifestyle Solutions Private Limited , expressly states none of the conditions of warranty shall apply to equipment purchased from any source other than the list of authorised dealers specified by the company.
  • The company also wishes to make it abundantly clear that international warranty shall not apply to purchases of Brands / models of LLSPL.
  • Its is quite possible that this fact may not be mentioned or highlighted by most retail overseas outlets.
  • We recommend that equipment users consider this point very carefully before they make any decision.

Authorized Signatory

Issued by
Leading Lifestyle Solutions Private Limited

Registered Office
Old No. 104, New No. 76, R K Salai,
Mylapore, Chennai 600 004.

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