HDMI Switch

Premium MHL - HDMI Switch Box

Premium MHL - HDMI Switch Box

MHL (Mobile High-DefinitionLink) is the new AV interface of mobile devices. Smartphones and tablet PCs that support this standard ude their Micro USB port for this. With the appropriate adapter HD picture and sound quality can be played back on a TV with HDMI input. In the Premium MHL / HDMI switch bos a MHL adapter is included. MHL - Front smartphones and tablet PCs can be connected if they support the MHL standard. In addition, the switch box has three HDMI inputs that dominate all current HDMI formats.

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  • 1 MHL and 3 HDMI inputs
  • Range up to 750MHz / 7,5Gbps (HDMI)
  • Supports 3D-Video (HDMI)
  • Supports 1080p (Full HD)

Additional Product Data

  • Supports 1080i/720p         
  • Supports Deep Color, multi bit        
  • HD Audio:DTS™ HD, Dolby® True HD, Dolby® Digital Plus, PCM, DVD audio, SACD           
  • Supports HDCP, CEC und EDID (pass-trought) 
  • The following devices already support e.g. the MHL-standard : Sasmung Galaxy S ll , Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone, Samsung Infuse 4G Phone, HTC Sensation Phone, HTC Sensation XE Phone, HTC Evo 3D Phone, HTC Amaze 4G Phone, HTC Flyer Tablet, HTC Evo View 4G

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