Eagle Cable

Welcome to the world of Eagle Cable

Since 20 years the products of the brand "Eagle Cable" has been accepted on the international market. Headquarter of "Eagle Cable GmbH" company is located in Ballrechten-Dottingen in the South of Germany, near the border of France and Switzerland. The geographical position submontane Black Forest is characteristic for the international activities of "Eagle Cable".

"Made and engineered in Germany" is the key feature of our product range. More than 90% of the cable meters are produced in our own cable factory in South Germany. All of our products are produced by consideration of current directives (such as "RoHS" etc.) and all of them are on permanent quality control. But our cables and accessories are not characterized by high quality demands only, special assemblies and custom-made productions offer individual solutions for our customers also.

Flexibility, technical and visual perfection of products and constant attractive price-quality ratio makes Eagle Cable known as a reliable brand for the dealer and also for the endconsumer, offering special services and long-lived products you can optimize every hifi-, home-cinema- and car-hifi-systems with.

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